1. Has gigabit Ethernet connection (faster than Ethernet), which is Gbps to Open IXP IDC  Duren Tiga and Gbps to IIX 1st floor/APJII.
  2. Equipped with router carrier class (similar to cisco 12000 series dan 7613 series
  3. Interconnected Fiber Optic Networks are All Operators.
  4. Electrical supplies from 2 different PLN voltage sources (2 legrand), minimum power 2.2 kVA per rack, full backup generator capacity (solar tank able to 7 days, with 24×7 delivery call), UPS full redundantbattery durability 15 – 30 minutes.
  5. Precision Air Conditioning minimum 180K Btuh (redundant system), temperature kept at 22°C (± 2°C), humidity on 55% (±10%).
  6. Fire extinguishing system / fire supression FM200 (avoids water sprays on network devices), with fire censor and smoke censor above and below raised floor.
  7. Monitoring dan High Security System (CCTV with digital recording, Card Access, Finger Print access to rack, security Cyber Building and Data Center 24 hours x 7 days).
  8. Slab to slab 3.8 m height. Raised floor 40 cm height from floor equipped with anti-static metal layer danfire proof with strength 1000 kg per meter square.
  9. Customer Service and NOC 24×7, SLA 99.9%.